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Updates to 146.925 and 444.525 repeaters 3 years 9 months ago #1

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I would like to bring everyone up to date on the changes and improvements made to both the 146.925 and 444.525 repeaters. As of 02-11-17 both repeaters have been updated to the DR-1X Yaesu Fusion repeaters, and both are running in mixed mode. This means they each operate in both analog and digital modes, and are set to operate in AMS (auto mode) so whatever type of signal the repeater hears, either analog or System Fusion digital, it will switch over to it. The feature also allows an analog user to join in on a digital conversation, for once the repeater hears the analog signal/station calling, both the repeater and any Yaesu Fusion radio (set in AMS auto mode) will switch over to the analog mode so everyone can be and will be in the same mode and will be able to talk to one another. This feature is neat in that no one is left out and not able to use the repeater and you can still use any brand of analog radio to access the repeaters. Again both repeaters are set in AMS (auto mode). To access either repeater in analog you still need to have the tone of 100.0 set in encode and decode. To access the repeater in digital, make sure you are operating in DN, digital narrow only.

Another new feature added to the 146.925 repeater is that it can be and will be (but not all of the time) linked to the WIRES-X network, giving you access to other digital users not only locally, but statewide, nationally and worldwide. This will be a digital only link. Current plans are for the 146.925 repeater to be linked either to the Alabama Link room, or the America Link room primarily, and yes there are other options. There will be occasions when other rooms will be linked, but for the beginning that is the plan. As everyone becomes more familiar to the WIRES-X network and how it all works, individual users will become able to link to a specific room of their choosing, as long as no one else is using the repeater and having it linked to a different location.

A couple of interesting notes, especially for the Alabama Link room, as they have set their system up in which not only can Yaesu Fusion users (C4FM) access their link, but also D-Star users, DMR users, and All-Star users can all access the Alabama Link room, and that is another reason why I will link it there more often than not. On your Yaesu Fusion radio, when an DMR user accesses the Alabama Link room you will see their DMR number come across the screen, when a D-Star and All-Star user accesses it, you will see D-Star and All-Star on the screen respectively, and when a Yaesu Fusion users access the link, you will see their callsign and also the distance they are from you on the screen in miles. Kind of a neat feature WIRES-X has I think.

In regards to linking, as the repeater and node owner, I will retain the option to have the repeater linked and at times (such as for ARES nets), bring the link down, or in the event of an emergency bring the link up to the necessary room/node as the emergency requires.

To access the WIRES-X network through the 146.925 repeater, this will require you to have a Yaesu Fusion capable radio. Current Yaesu Fusion radio models are FT-1DR and FT-2DR are their HT models, and mobile units are the FTM-400, FTM-100 and FTM-3200DR (2 meter only, but cheap at 149.00), and FTM-991A base station unit.

When accessing the WIRES-X network, several reminders: First this will be a digital only link, using DN (digital narrow mode). As you have a QSO on the network keep in mind you are also bringing up and talking on numerous repeaters and individual nodes, so be conscience of that fact. Additionally, you will need to key up for about 1 second before you start talking and once you have finished talking hold the PTT key for about 1 second before releasing the PTT key, as the system does have a delay as it is keying up numerous nodes and repeaters. Doing this will make sure the beginning and end of your transmission will be complete, for not doing so will cut off the beginning and end of your transmission.

Another important item, in that when the repeater is linked analog users will not be able to access or join in on the WIRES-X conversation. Analog users will still be able to access and use the repeater locally as normal. But during a WIRES-X conversation through the network, this will be the only time that an analog user will not be able to join in on a digital conversation, when it is coming in or going through the WIRES-X network.

Again in normal/daily operation both repeaters will be in AMS mode (auto) allowing both analog users and digital users. Analog users can and will be able to use their current (any brand) of analog radio to access the repeater, you need not buy another radio. To access the digital and WIRES-X features of the repeaters you will need a Yaesu Fusion capable radio..

More improvements will follow, and if you currently have a Fusion radio, get on and try out the repeaters, especially the 146.925 as it is connected now to the WIRES-X system and enjoy what System Fusion offers.

At this time there are no plans to connect the 444.525 repeater to the WIRES-X system, but again it is operating in AMS (auto), both analog and digital mode.

If you have any questions or need assistance, just email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call me on one the repeaters. David

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