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Amateur Radio Emergency Service

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Surry County ARES Information Net

The Surry County ARES Information net is 7:00 PM every Sunday on the 145.330 Mhz Repeater (Tone: 77 Hz), located on Fancy Gap Mountain in Carroll County Va.

Your net controllers are:

  • Roy, W4LLZ
  • Mickey, KI4QDI
  • Jimmy, KB4GKI



 The Tarheel Emergency Net

The Statewide weekly emergency net is called the "Tar Heel Emergency Net" held each night at 7:30 pm (Tuesday nights are listed as ARES nights) on the frequency of 3.923. The alternate frequency is 7.232 and is only activated during the day if the band falls out.




Message Handling - ICS 213


The ICS 213 General Message Form was originally designed as a multipart self-copying form for use as an interoffice memo. Since its inception, both the usage and physical embodiment have changed significantly.


The ICS 213 General Message Form is now increasingly used for messages between parties who are not in the same location. Because the nature of incident communications is generally urgent, the form is often originated in one location and transmitted electronically to another location. The reply from that location is returned electronically and the two "parts" of the form are matched together.

Physical Embodiment

Because of the General Message Form's increased usage between physically distant locations, the information for an ICS 213 General Message Form is often transcribed onto a blank form or entered electronically via a computer word processing program.

Download the ICS-213 form below:

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